Why Choose Us

Our security staff provides only professional, courteous and responsive security services for a secure and safe environment. We can serve you through so many ways.

We are the solution you seek. Stonewall Security has the track record and achievements in the security industry over the years on our side.

We are locally owned and managed company that knows the environment we cover. We treat every client differently according to their security needs. We put together unique security plans for each customer and his needs. We have in place state-of-the-art cloud-based time to track technology which clocks and carries out checks on the physical locations of every of our guard personnel through the GPS satellite. We can tell where our people are at every moment. We assure you that you are only paying for periods our guards are physically and actively at their posts or carrying out a patrol that customers can immediately get access to.

Hiring Practices

Our hiring practice speaks volume about the quality we offer. We go above all state specifications for training and background practices.

We are conscious of who we hire for the job by making sure the right person is employed for the job. Stonewall employees go through the adequate screening process, keeping to relevant concepts on security matters to guide our final choice of employees.

For better service delivery, we make sure to provide adequate training that goes far above what the state requires. We engage them in various concepts and procedures including conducts, response procedures during an emergency such as fire, earthquake, power outage and vehicle accidents. We train them on critical incidence response such as evacuation procedures and life safety practices.

We make sure to hire officers with soft skills such as politeness, courtesy and customer service skills and train them on professional ethics on the security job.

Adequate security cannot come without proper security services that is why we take our hiring procedure very seriously.

We test our applicants during interviews on relevant concepts in security during the initial stage of our hiring process. The initial impression from our applicants does not solely determine who we choose to hire as our security officer. In the course of our initial interview, we conduct adequate background investigations on every candidate we invite for the session.

We provide top-notch training programs for our security officers to deliver effective services in their security role. Our training includes Observation and adequate reporting, Report writing, and Security officer’s responsibilities among other vital security training principles for effective service performance.

25 Hours Support

We make sure to provide operational support to every security officer with us and our management workforce our truly accessible to our employees and clients 24/7. All our clients are special to us, and we do well to treat them well according to their needs.

Retention Practices

Good employees make companies what they are today. To keep the best hands in our services, we are known to offer better pay, provide good working relationships and benefits to attract and retain reliable and best hands in our security company.

Post Order Instructions

Excellent and honest service delivery is what stands us out among our competitors. We prepare and maintain the best, most comprehensive post order instructions in the industry.

We are the solution you seek. Stonewall Security has the track record and achievements in the security industry over the years on our side.