About Us

Our security staff provides only professional, courteous and responsive security services for a secure and safe environment. We can serve you through so many ways.

Stonewall Security is a locally owned and run security company based in Seattle, WA. Providing security needs for establishments, individuals, social functions, and facilities in the neighborhood, we are equipped with the best human and innovative technology solutions to offer desired security needs for our customers.

At Stonewall Security, ensuring excellent services for our client’s properties is our top priority. We think safety first before anything and care much for our customer’s protection above all others.

We bring to the table over ten years’ experience in the security industry and ownershipn to serve our clients as efficiently as we’re known to do. We carry out our duty as expected of us with great honesty in all we do. This is the foundation we won’t let slip from us to keep the trust we have built over ten years going with our customers.

We are confident in the security guards we send to the field. Our guards are well-trained and highly qualified individuals who know the ins and outs security issues and what is required in their job descriptions.

We equip our guards with the latest facilities and introduce them to new technologies that are unfolding in the security industry.

Having Stonewall Security guards in your premises providing the coverage you need for the event or property should give you peace of mind knowing that your assets are in safe hands with a reputable company of highly professional individuals.

Our security services include providing specialized security, ensuring protection bodyguards for big and small complexes, apartments and other commercial buildings.

We are the solution you seek. Stonewall Security has the track record and achievements in the security industry over the years on our side.